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British Gorkha Expedition team bid first attempt to Everest 2017

British Gorkha Expedition team bid this year first attempt to Mt. Everest Summit 2017.
Photo source Kovács Gábor

Team of Rope fixing climbers (Rope and Icefall Doctors) successfully scaled Mt. Everest Top from Nepal ridge on may 11. After it, Everest Summit route is open from Nepal side yesterday and British Gorkha Expedition team bid this year first attempt to Mt. Everest Summit 2017. Base Camp Government  official explain, Team of Sherpa Climbers with at least others 12 expedition member including  British Gorkha Climber Team. They made summit at mid night 1.30PM.
Everest Expedition story
Photo Credit by Mingma Tenji Sherpa/Himalayan Times

“They have opened a climbing route by fixing ropes to the summit point,” Phurba Tenjing Sherpa, a 10-time Everest summiteers, said from the base camp.
Pema Chhiring and Pem Chhiri were also part of the British Gurkha Expedition, he said.
Many team of climbers (About 375+ climbers) they are struggled in camp IV from the hard weather, those will heading soon to summit within couple of days. According of base camp official, at same time Mt. Lhotse (The 4th highest summit of the world ) climbers also heading to summit from camp IV to summit of Lhotse.

At least from 6 weeks, the climbers start their expedition from Base Camp of Everest and settle the Base Camp by their expedition crew.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Tiji Festival in Nepal

Tiji Festival in Nepal

Tiji festival is the tibetan three day dance rituals in Lo-Manthang, Mustang. The festival is about a historical story where the Lord Buddha's incarnation Dorjee Sonnu battles against his demon father to save the kingdom of Mustang from destruction. This is not only a festival but resembles the great history of Lo-manthang and the Choedhe Monastery is organizing yearly on May. The festival takes lasts for 3 days and during the festival, the monks with the colorful dress perform ritual dances. First day the group of monks dance Tsa Chham with different traditional cloths and mask. Second day it follows as Naga Chham dance and third day, there will be Rha Chham.

Tiji festival trekking is a spring festival in Nepal that combines the visit of Mustang villages, monasteries, Buddhist shrines and temples. Tiji festival in 2017 is going to be held in 22, 23 and 24 may in Upper mustang.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Best 15 things to do in Nepal for Traveler

List of Best 15 things to do in Nepal for Traveler by popularity and demand report by Nepal tourism and Activities provider record.

Visit-16th centuries things and structures in Nepal, Kathmandu

Nepal  - Never Ending Peace and Love - a small country, playground of multiple adventure activities.  with the world highest peaks and mighty Himalayas, strong and fast blowing  Himalayan white rivers, UNESCO nature National Parks,  safari and beautiful smiling Nepalese faces. While you travelling in Nepal and around, there are some of most popular, adventures, historical attraction, natural and virtual thins to see and do.  Without those activities your  Nepal tour and holiday trips won't be complete. Here are those recommended  activities for you which was most popular and rated by every tourist, travelers during the their travelling period of Nepal.

1: Trekking in Nepal
Trekking in Nepal is one of most popular and demanded, first choice of every tourist while they entering in Nepal. According from Nepal tourism board and immigration almost 65 percentage tourist are attending in kinds of trekking and hiking in Nepal.  the Mr. Everest Base Camp hiking route, Annapurna circuit and langtang national park are first, second and third popular trekking destination among the travelers and backpacker. Those 3 trekking routes  taking 80 percentage tourist every year in Nepal. Because of freestyle without any permit limitation, easy to find guest house accommodation and catering service those are always first choice for every trekkers in Nepal. After that, Manaslu Circuit, Upper Mustang, Kanchenjunga base camp and Kathmandu Valley treks are second optional choice for trekkers in Nepal. Those are relatively getting more popular every day. Instate of Kathmandu Valley trek, every trekkers required special trekking permit and at least a government license holder trekking guide through registered trekking  agencies.  Individual trekkers are not allowed to trek this special and developing tea house trek route.

Trekking in Nepal Himalayas

Rest of trekking route in Nepal there are not such guest house accommodation and trekkers nee to join for organize trek which is really wilderness and a amazing experience. But, those camping trek relatively more costly than tea house trek. Like Dolpo trekking, Humla Limi Valley, Makalu Base Camp, Dhaulagiri circuit, Ganesh Himal trek, Rara lake and other non touristic trek are popular for camping trek. This trek routes taking only few percentage of trekkers every year.

2: Mountaineering/Expedition in Himalayas.
Nepal is home of high altitude mighty Himalayas including world top mountain Mt. Everest, third tallest peak Kanchenjnga and other seven 8000 meters mountains peaks.  Every year more 1000 popular climbers engaging for Nepalese Mountains for climbing and expedition. Nepal produce large selection of first class experience climbing Sherpa helping those climbers in Himalayas.  Those climbing mountain bringing high amount of foreign Currency  income for the government and is it one of biggest source of for Nepal.  Mt. Everest is most popular peak for all because of cost, risk and personal suitability, only limit climbers will get this opportunity to attempt the summit of Mt Everest.

If you go small expedition in Nepal up to 6500 Meters called trekking peak climbing. Those peaks are most demanding climbing peaks and first choice for many tourist in Nepal after the trekking. Simply tourist can involve after trekking or combined trek and climbing trips together in same trips with experience Climbing Sherpa and support team. For climbing peaks in Nepal required only basic climbing  knowledge and fully  climbing equipment. Off course you need to be fit for climbing  know alpine/high altitude experience.

Island peak is most popular climbing peak of Nepal by the popularity among the tourist and this peak is one of highest amount royalty collector trekking peak of Nepal. The peak lies in Mt. Everest area and most of the tourist/climbers they climb island peak after or before Everest Base Camp Trek. Many of climber they climb this peak for experience and to get acclimatizing  before going to Everest climbing. Lobuche peak is second popular climbing peak and it stand just west corner of Everest Base Camp Trekking trail in Lobuche. Third popular climbing peak located in Makalu Varun National park. It name is Mera peak and the trekking route begin from Lukla after the Emotional flight to Tenzing Hillary airport Lukla. Others popular climbing peak located in Annapurna Base Camp - The Tent Peak, in the route of Annapuran Circuit trail Pisang Peak and Chulu East, Nayakanga and Yala peaks stand in Langtang National Park and Dhampus peak is in Dhaulagiri circuit trek route.

To climbing all the trekking peaks required climbing permit and experience climbing sherpa which is authorize by Nepal Mountaineering Association. You get permit through reputable and registered trek company of Nepal.

3: Culture tours in Kathmandu and Beyond.
Nepal is a reach country for their generation Hindus and Buddhist tradition, religion and own Himalayan Buddhist culture. The country, where you can find many combined inhabitant, happiness, peace and mind and vibrant of colorful festival. Kathmandu itself capital and a town of Temple and Hindus/Buddhist Good and Goddess. Every people of kathmandu, they believe their act and karma, respect the tradition and cultures. Every corner of Kathmandu valley you experience as holistic. Here are uncountable faces of good and goddess. Every of them symbolic something. They believe reincarnation and still offer blood for good and goddess by sacrificing animal. To respect the foreigner, eat huge amount of Dal Bhat (Rice with Lintel soup and Veg/Met) and look happiness is their tradition.

4: White river rafting.
Nepal is rich country for Highest Himalayas, green rain forest and natural springs. Here are many rivers begin from high mountain glacier and is has always high current water flow.  These river are perfect for rafting and kayaking. You can enjoy from the day rafting trips to 2 weeks multiday trips by boat in Nepal rivers. From 3+ standard rapid till 6+ rapid you can experience. Many professional rafting agencies offering this service through local experience rafting and kayaking guides team with camping option.

Trishuli and Seti both rivers are classic gold for almost 50 percentage river rafting tourists.  Because of easy transport assess, multiple option from day trips to overnight and cost this 2 river getting more popular among the tourist and agencies. Rest rivers are more challenge and high rapids you need to be fit and stop overnight camping. Marshyangdi, Kaligandaki, Bhotekoshi, Karnali, Tamor and Sunkoshi are others popular rivers for White water challenge in Nepal.

5: Mountain Bike Adventures.
Mountain bike is new established and well known adventure activity in Nepal among the bike lover tourist. It still growing slowly but also it has great role to introduce Nepal on foot and by paddling in the reality. Nepal recently organized Asian Downhill Championship and organize many international event for all bikers. Every year here is Yak Attack in the Annapurna circuit trail over the himalayas. Yak Ru and Enduro Championship. Every day young people of kathmandu and around increasing lots of biking fans and team.

Biking in Kathmandu Valley Nepal

Among the tourist Around Kathmandu Valley, Day trips biking, Annapurna Circuit, Upper Mustang and Classic route to Pokhara from Kathmandu trips are so much popular. About 10 percentage of tourist they are involving any kinds of bike trips in Nepal.

6: Jungle Safari in UNESCO Park Chitwan and Bardiya National Park.
Meet Elephant in Chitwan Safari

It is small land lock country but reach for natural resource and wildlife. In Nepal, here is 2 ECO and UNESCO National parks and many National parks to preserve the domestic wild animal and water source.  About 25 percentage tourist they visiting those national parks for their wildlife activities.
Chitwan and Bardiya both are popular National parks for Wildlife safari and activities to see the wild animals. Nepal is home for one horned Rhinos and Royal Bengal Tigers, Snow leopard and Various Vulture. More than 800 different species of birds and 100s of reptiles.

7: Paragliding in Pokhara.
Paragliding in Nepal Pokhara

Paragliding is one of fastest growing and most popular adventure air sport in Nepal. Specially Pokhara is most popular sport for Paragliding and it is world best place listed in Paragliding community. When you take this flight you grave 8000 meters to 800 meters landscapes from the 10000ft.  Almost 15 percentage of tourist in Nepal and 95 percentage of Chinese Tourist they taking this flight in Pokhara, Kathmandu and from Bandipur around.

8: Everest Flight.
Everest Flight in Nepal From Kathmandu

Mt. Everest Flight is one of most popular scenic nonstop flight which is operating from Kathmandu and Pokhara airport every morning. It is about 1 hours circuit flight to and nearby Mt. Everest and more. Use small aircraft with every person window seat. That make you flight emotional. Relatively this is quite expensive flight but almost every age people can join this activities. About 30 percentage tourist taking this flight to Everest .

9: Cannoning in Water Falls.
Cannoning in Nepal Water Fall

It is also a on growing adventure activity in Nepal among the young and adventure tourist. Only few percentage traveler are attracting for this.

10: Bird Watching in Shivapuri National Park.
Bird Watching in Shivaruri National Park Nepal

Bird watching is personal interested activities for special people. Those who are specialist for bard and activities, Nepal is home for more than 800 different species of birds with many of migrant birds from Siberia on seasonal. You can involve a tour for bird watching nearby kathmandu valley on Shivarpri National park and chitwan National Park. Can hire a Nature specialist and Bird specialist guide as well.

11: Farm House stay in Nepal.
Farm House stay in Nepal with Nepali Family

It is the another best opportunity for tourist to learn and know about Nepal, local culture, tradition get knowledge of Nepalese lifestyle.  Many of Nepali people out of the big city they are small farmer and doing their farming work in their own land. All year they are busy for harvesting, new planting, preparation and re planting  different types and seasonal fruits, foods, herbs and species. This activities will help you to grow our mind and peace as well. Use organic product, more fiber foods and daily activities you feel more healthy always.

12: Volunteering in Remote Schools
Volunteering in Nepal School in Remote Area

Volunteering as a teacher and communities is the best way to help in Nepal and Nepalese communities. This is the only work where Nepalese communities will get direct and so quick benefit from tourist. Here are so many schools in remote areas, small hospital and health post.  Where people and kids really looking something new, technology and experience form different workers. There you can involve and share your experience and get knowledge from the local as well.

13: Bungy Jumping.
Bungy Jumping in Nepal 

Bungy is most adventure and thrilling sport of Nepal and there are only 2 different places service. In Kathmandu and Pokhara. The first 1 is nearby Tibet Border over the Bhotekoshi River almost 160mtrs. 2nd is in Pokhara  only short jump. Bungy is popular among the Israeli and Indian young tourist and of course some of people from around the world.

14: Yoga, Natural Therapy  and Massage.
Natural Therapy in Nepal 

Nepal is the land of Hinduism, Buddhism and reach of spiritual  and nature source. Here are many peace and mind places, himalayas and yoga teachers  and Gurus who teaching their tradition as a culture. Every year many tourist and people visit Nepal for Yoga and retreat to get peace and satisfaction in their life. Lots of Monasteries, Ashram, School, Studios and local Yoga teacher offering their course for tourist and Nepali.

This relax activity, Spa and Therapy is one of another relax and timeout holidays suitability in Nepal. Many of tourist after the adventure trek, tours and activities they want to use is always.  Almost, every nice and popular hotels and resorts they do offer that service.

15: Nepali Cooking Course.
Cook Nepali Dal Bhat with Nepali Style Course

Cooking course is one of most effective activity for every tourist and traveler in Nepal by their interested. Most of Women traveler in Nepal they more interested than mans. Learn how to cook Nepali food with Nepali Experience cook and with family. Like Dal Bhat, MoMo, Roti, Tarkari, Dal and Masu, Aachar are popular dishes in Nepal.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Holi - Colorful Festival in Nepal

Holi Festival in Nepal

Holi is a festival of color celebrated in March 12, 2017 in Kathmandu Valley and March 13 in Terai region. The festival also symbolizes the farewell of winter and welcoming the glooming spring summer season. Celebrated in Full moon day in Falgun (March) is also called as Fagu purnima in Nepali. As the festival of color, water, sweets and music, people put color on each other and sharing the love with delicious food and music. In day time, people of all age group play with color and water and at evening sing, dance and eat the delicious food gathering the family members. Holi holds a mythological importance - that of the triumph of good over evil. It is also associated with the eternal love of Lord Krishna and his consort Radha. The holy festival is celebrated in Nepal, India and Bangladesh.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tips for Making a trip to Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp Trekking

Planning for Everest Base Camp Trek in 2017, our useful tips will help you making the trip successful and enjoyable on the lap of world's highest mountain peak, Mt. Everest. Everest Base camp Trek is a life changing trip in Nepal that every trekkers dream to do once in their lifetime. We Nepal Footprint Holidays had operated Everest Base Camp Trek since its inception with the 99% success rate providing trekkers the best service.

Read our tips before you make a trip to Everest Base Camp
1. Train Before you leave
Everest Base Camp Trekking is a challenging trip taking you to the altitude of 5545m (Kalapatthar) so you must have some practices of hiking up and down through the mountains at least. You need to be physically fit and have the excellent strength of 6-7 hours daily hiking. Train yourself walking up a hill or stair for 2-3 hours a day carrying at least 10kg in a backpack, this will help you getting strength hiking through the Nepalese mountains.

2. Get prepared mentally
Being physically fit for walking up the hill or hiking through the mountains is one thing but if you are not mentally prepared, you can't do it. Getting comfortable hiking, camping, sleeping on a sleeping bag, sharing bed and toilet, meeting with people and flying a dangerous Kathmandu Lukla aircraft is the big deal while you are going Everest Base camp Trek. For the successful trekking holidays, you must consider these things in your mind and do prepare accordingly.

3. Get the Right Gear
Whether you are hiring a porter or carrying yourself, it's wise move to pack as light as possible. Light means, you should be careful what you really need during the trekking. In general bring 1 pair of hiking pants (plus a waterproof pair), 1 pair of shorts, 5 t-shirts, 2 base layers, 5 pieces of underwear, 3 woolen socks, 1 sweater, and 1 light waterproof jacket. Make sure the hiking boots you select are waterproof as well and offer good ankle protection, and bring along a pair of strapped sandals for wearing around the tea houses. You can buy or hire the trekking gears in kathmandu. Some shopping you can do in Lukla also, but it could be little bit expensive than kathmandu.

4. Best Season to Visit
For making the trip fun and memorable, you should care the time of traveling ie March to May and September to November are the best months for Everest Base Camp Trekking. But during these seasons, the tea house, trekking routes, flights are busy. There will be crowd of trekkers along the path to Everest Base Camp. Everest Base Camp Trekking can be done even in Monsoon and Winter too but it is a little bit risky than Spring and Autumn season.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Mira Rai voted National Geographic’s 2017 People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year

Mira Rai Ultra Trail Runner
Photo Credit : Lloyd Belcher

The Nepalese trail Runner Mira Rai has been voted as the National Geographic’s 2017 People’s Choice adventurer of the Year 2017. According to a press release by National Geographic, she was selected from an impressive group of adventurers whose extraordinary achievements in exploration, conservation, humanitarianism and adventure sports distinguished them in the past year. The 10 honorees were announced on Nov. 3, 2016, and the public was invited to vote through Dec. 16, 2016, for the People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year.

Rai, along with ten other adventurers, had been nominated for NatGeo's annual list that selects adventurers for their extraordinary achievement in exploration, adventure sports, conservation, or humanitarianism.

 She was on the competition along with other adventurers include, Park Protectors Pete McBride and Kevin Fedarko, Rock Climber Ashima Shiraishi, Cave Diver Krzysztof Starnawski, Celestial Circumnavigators Hōkūle‘a Team, Ocean Advocate Shannon Switzer Swanson, Kayaker Semit Lee, Paraglider Antoine Girard, Wilderness Defender Kristine McDivitt Tompkins and Mountaineer Colin Haley. The 29-year-old former Maoist soldier had garnered the highest votes among the 10 nominees.

In 2016, Mountaineer Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita was voted as the 2016 People's Choice Adventurer of the Year and in 2017, Mira Rai save the position for the same category for Nepal.

Congratulations Mira Rai!!! - Nepal Footprint Holiday (P) Ltd.

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Top 5 Peak Climbing in Nepal in 2017

Island Peak Climbing in Nepal
Island Peak

Mountain Climbing holidays are categorized in two groups like Expeditions and peak Climbing on the basis of elevation that ranges from 5000m to 8848m high from sea level. There are 33 different mountain peaks for climbing in Nepal listed by Nepal Mountaineering Association. The mountain peaks below 7000m are categorized to peak climbing in Nepal and among them, Island also known as Imja Tse is the top one.

Here we are listed the top 5 peak climbing in Nepal for those who are planning for climbing the mountain in 2017

Island peak
Situated in Khumbu Region, the home to Mount Everest, Island peak is the top royalty collector peak in Nepal. The most popular trekking peak, Island Peak receives the most of the climber visiting to Everest Region. For the island peak climbing, you will be followed the Everest Base Camp Trekking route so it can be a combo Everest Base Camp Trekking + Island Peak Climbing package for experiencing the mountain trekking and climbing holidays.
View Details about Island Peak Climbing >>>

Mera Peak Climbing
With the 6654m elevation, Mera Peak Climbing is the second most popular peak climbing situated northeast region of Himalayas. You will be hiking to Kalapatthar and viewing World's top 5 highest mountain peaks Mt. Mt. Everest (8,848m), Cho- Oyu (8,201m), Lhotse (8,516m), Makalu (8,463m) and Kanchenjunga (8,586m) are visible very close during your mera peak climbing holidays.
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Lobuche Peak Climbing
The adventurous and exciting trekking peak, Lobuche Peak Climbing is popular peak climbing in Nepal. As compared to other trekking peaks, this is the technically difficult trekking peaks in Nepal. There are two peaks namely Lobuche East and Lobuche West offers the scenic views of Mt. Everest, Mt. Ama Dablam and 360 degree views of Himalayan panorama.
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Tent Peak Climbing
Tent Peak climbing also known as Tharpu Chuli (5663m) is one of the most popular trekking peak that lies north above Annapurna Base Camp in Annapurna Trekking Area. Naturally and culturally rich area, the journey to Tent Peak Climbing begins from the scenic travel destination Pokhara to Tent Peak.
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Chulu East Peak Climbing
Chulu East peak lies is one of the most popular climbing peaks in Nepal in Annapurna Region. Technically challenging peak, Chulu East is also combined with the Annapurna Circuit Trek situated above the Manang valley. The chulu east offers the breathtaking views of Annapurna II, III and IV, Gandapurna, Tilicho peak, Dhaulagiri and manaslu.
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